Improving safety, increasing loads

Although goosenecks are routinely used to link tractors to RoRo trailers they lead to an unfavourable load distribution when going up ramps. The load on the tractor's front axle is relatively low. This reduces the grip of the tyres on the road surface, leading to a lower permissible payload. At the same time, the high centre of gravity increases the risk of overtipping and serious accidents.

Terberg's patented SafeNeck® solves both problems. Consequently the tractor can handle much higher loads, and safety is improved. The SafeNeck® mounts onto a modified fifth wheel and can be mounted and dismounted quickly and easily.

Tractors with a modified fifth wheel can still be used with conventional semitrailers. SafeNeck® lifts the trailers off the ground using a hydraulic cylinder, rather than by raising the fifth wheel.

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