Shifting parcels 
by the thousands

Terberg YT yard tractors (4x2) are used as shunters (tugs) at many distribution centres where they have proven themselves to be much more appropriate for trailer shunting than conventional road trucks.

Operators using swap bodies appreciate the Terberg BC body carrier, which can also tow fifth wheel and drawbar trailers. The Mobiler is a solution for transferring ISO containers and swap bodies between rail wagons and road vehicles without costly handling equipment. 

Our heavier tractors provide a good solution for sites with hills, ramps and regular icing. Additionally we offer road/rail tractors which can operate on rail track laid in a paved surface or on sleepers.  

Yard tractor

YT tractors have a lifting fifth wheel which saves time as trailers can be shunted without raising and lowering the landing legs. The optimised driveline and gearbox ensure a high reliability and fuel efficiency - essential in these applications where tractors often have to work around the clock. Where permitted by local regulations, some operators also use our YT tractors for short trips on public roads.

Terberg YT tractors can be fitted with a range of accessories such as additional lighting, heavy mudguards, central greasing systems, drawbar couplings and more. The comfortable cab and good visibility ensure that your drivers can work comfortably and safely.

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Swap Body Carrier

Our swap body carrier is a versatile unit which can also tow fifth wheel and drawbar trailers. Body Carriers can also be fitted with jaw couplings for drawbar trailers and with fifth wheels to haul and lift conventional semitrailers.

• Transferring swap bodies and ISO containers from rail
   wagons to the yard and vice versa
• Transferring swap bodies and ISO containers between rail
• Handling semitrailers
• Handling drawbar trailers

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