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Service department
The Terberg Service department handles:

  • After-sales service, training, modification, etc.
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair (servicing)
  • Spare parts deliveries, worldwide. 

Ensuring long-term reliability
However reliable a vehicle is, it still needs regular servicing. Our mechanics mostly work on our customers' sites and carry all the necessary diagnostic equipment in their service vans. Customers are supported by Terberg subsidiaries and distributors, backed-up by advice and quick spare parts delivery from our Spare Parts Department. 

The Service department has a database of all vehicles we have ever delivered so that we know exactly what components are installed in them and what oils and greases they need. 

International support
The Service department at Benschop develops service and modification bulletins and provides these to distributors and service centres worldwide. The department provides internal training for Terberg personnel, in close consultation with vehicle component manufacturers. Our trainers also visit customers internationally to train mechanics and drivers and help with trouble-shooting where necessary. 

Safety inspections
Like all equipment used in the workplace, tractors have to be inspected annually to ensure their continued safety and compliance with all regulations. As vehicle manufacturers we have developed thorough inspection procedures to ensure that you comply with all regulatory requirements and that your personnel can work safely and efficiently. 

Additional inspections may be required for vehicles operating not just on site but also on the public roads. 

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